Battery Recycling Business Services

Just say the word, we can do it all. Fully tailored to your needs.
End-to-end battery management.

Business Collection Programs

Single collection container to full program management.


From full vehicle to pack, we can disassemble any electric or hybrid electric vehicle battery.

Battery Deinstallation

It’s what we do: removal of the old battery, replacement with the new.

Global Logistics

Fully compliant, highest on-time industry performance for battery transportation.


Product fulfillment services covering a range of materials: battery recycling collection containers to consumer products, small parcels to large drums.

Battery Sorting

The largest and most efficient battery sorting operation in North America.

Consumer Electronics

Asset recovery program including sorting, testing and assessment based on make, model, quality, condition and more.


Charging equipment, temperature-controlled warehouses, and load staging.

Battery School

End-of-life battery education from battery 101 to new to market chemistries.

Battery Maintenance

Large-scale battery maintenance and long-term storage solutions.

Battery Inventory Management & Distribution

Inventory management, verification of battery voltage, storage and shipping to end-customer.

Feel Secure

Fully Certified

Transportation, storage and more—we have certifications and follow full regulatory compliance guidelines.

Ready for anything

Fully Scalable

Whatever the material, we have a battery recycling service to fit your needs.

Need something custom?

Our battery experts have a solution for your every recycling need.